At H2aquatics we have no hesitation in saying we're the fastest at getting your plants on their way to you. Our team work extremely hard so that your orders go out as fast as possible, if you order during business hours, we often ship it the same day. We ship everything First Class Royal mail. This means Packages get to you in 1-3 days if there are no delays from weather, holidays etc.

We guarantee our plants will arrive alive as we know they're as healthy as they possibly could be when they leave us, and packed well enough to survive even a slightly delayed journey in poor weather conditions. We ask that you do your part and minimize the amount of time our packages sit out in the elements. 


Our goal is to provide a fair way to satisfy our customers and not lose money while doing it. We make every effort to fully inform customers and give them as much infomation about the plants they are buying as possible. A damaged plant during shipping is an automatic replacement from us however the customer MUST PHOTOGRAPH THIS BEFORE TAKING IT OUT OF THE PACKAGE. AS SOON AS PACKAGING IS REMOVED ALL OF THE RETURNS POLICY IS VOID. 

If you would like to return a product, start the process by emailing us at with the photographs. This allows us to see if there is something we can do before returning the product.

Items being shipped back need to be sent to this address:

Tim Monteverde
38-42 Westgate